In history, we find people who made a difference in their field of knowledge and web designers have many relevant personalities among them. Here, we can find those who have broken web design’s conventional rules and rewritten them at the same time.

People in this list keeps providing cutting-edge knowledge to the web design field since they first started. Some of the technology we use while developing websites came from their minds. Here are some of the most influential web designers these days.

Jeffrey Zeldman

This person is the founder of A List Apart, animportant web magazine that dictates web design’s high standards since the late 90s. He has participated in huge conferences all over the world to talk about his craft. In addition, he is the author of the book Designing with Web Standards.


Sara Soueidan

Originally from Lebanon, this woman broke the barriers and stereotypes in the developer’s world. She is a published author who worked with clients, like giant home streaming and entertaining-focused company, Netflix. You can also find her at international conferences and interactive workshops.

Ethan Marcotte

We all take amazing features now available in the websites’ building industryfor granted. One of them we are all familiar with is a responsive web design and Ethan Marcotte’s initiative made this possible. Besides, we can find him doing lectures in lots of seminars and conferences around the globe.

Brad Frost

You might know one of these web designer’s biggest creations, as he is behind the atomic design concept. Brad Frost tends to think outside the box and look for innovative solutions for common developer’s problems. Often, he shares his knowledge at seminars and workshops providing deep insight into new processes.

We are living in exciting times and something new is created every day due to the hard work of people like the ones we can find on this list. There are tons of relevant web developers out there, but these stand out. Which famous developer has changed your perspective and workflow?